Exciting New Things!

So we are starting something new here by having a blog! We wanted to give our members and non-members more than just their memberships by having tips, recipes and possibly member success stories! We are very excited to be starting our blog and are hoping that everyone will enjoy the articles we write for them! This week we will just be doing Tips of the Day everyday but soon we will have other things everyday as well!!

Starting Monday we will be having Tip of the Day which will mostly come from our personal trainers.  Also on Mondays we will be giving the Recipe of the Week from Healthy Inspirations! I personally will be cooking each recipe so I can give you tips to making it and substitutions if I happen to make any, I will also be including a picture of each recipe so everyone can see what it looks like after its done!

Tuesdays will consist of another Tip of the Day and some type of pre or post workout meal or snack. This again I will be making and showing everyone what it looks like and giving everyone tips on how to make it and the most important part, how it tastes and what it can do for you!

On Wednesday we will have an article from one of our personal trainers about any subject that they choose to talk about! Again we will be having Tip of the Day.

Thursday we have Tip of the Day and we will also be having a Healthy Meal. I know everyone is wondering why are you having so many food ideas? Well a lot of people don’t know what they should eat before and after they workout so this is a good way to give everyone recipes and ideas for that!

Friday is again Tip of the Day and a Fun Activity to do! These activities could be anything, something that is going on around town or in Pittsburgh. Anything to keep everyone active and healthy all summer long!

We are really excited to be starting this and we have a lot of ideas for it! We hope that we can get everyone’s feedback on how you like what we are writing about and to get ideas from you on what you want to know!


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