5 Ways For You to Succeed in Group Fitness Classes!

As everyone knows we have a bunch of different group fitness classes here at Galaxy. We have Les Mills classes, Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat, then yoga and step classes. Now if you are new to group classes you might think that they are intimidating and to fast paced for you. But you should always atleast give it a try because you never know if your going to like it or not! Here are 7 ways for you to succeed in these classes!

1. Examine the Crowd: Before you walk into the class examine the crowd. The kind of people in the class can give you a lot of information about the experience you are going to get. Remember, just because the class has older or younger people than yourself does not mean you won’t have fun with it or get nothing out of the class. Everyone has different happiness or comfort levels when working out so the age of your fellow participants may not be an issue. If there are younger participants they may have a great amount of energy for you to feed off of just as older participants may offer you inspiration to keep going!

2. Understand the Type of Class You are Taking: It’s best to know what kind of class it is that you are going in to take. If you hate to run, you might not enjoy a sports inspired class or a class with a lot of aerobic/running around activity. But if you like to run you may love a bootcamp or sports conditioning type class. Here at Galaxy we have a variety of classes.

  • Body Pump- The ORINGINAL barbell class, that strengthens your entire body & works all major muscle groups.
  • Body Combat- Fiercely energetic, inspired by martial arts including: boxing, karate and taekwondo. (My favorite class! I can’t help but pretend to be punching things, it helps a lot! )
  • Step- Simple, athletic and FUN! Using an adjustable step to tone lower body & improve strength.
  • Body Attack- High energy athletic interval cardio calorie burning class. Build stamina & strength to powerful music.
  • Zumba- Hot latin dance moves broken down into simple steps anyone can follow!
  • Yoga- A flowing blend of Yoga practices, developing long, lean muscles, increasing strength and flexibility.

3. Arrive Early– It is really important to arrive early to a new class. This will make sure you don’t miss a single second of the class, some of our instructors will preview or show you how to do certain moves before the class starts and you don’t want to miss that!

4. Talk to Your Instructor– A few minutes with your instructor can help you understand the intensity and duration of the class. You might find it comforting by talking to the instructor which will result in a better class experience.

5. Location– Your location could possibly make our break your group class experience. No one really wants to be singled out, stand in the very front or appear uncoordinated in a new class. But being able to see and hear your instructor is extremely important. It is best to try and find a spot in front of your instructor but not necessarily in the front row. Until you are familiar and know the steps to the routine being able to view your instructor easily will be helpful.

Having people around you experiencing the same workout as you and pushing toward a similar goal can be very encouraging. The energy of the others in the room can be contagious, in a good way of course! Make sure you choose your classes wisely but try to take a class that is a little bit out of your comfort zone, you might just like it!


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