7 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Yesterday I told you how you could succeed in group fitness classes. Today I’m going to tell you the benefits of taking the group fitness classes are. I kind of like the top reasons sort of posts so we might do more of those, like today’s! So here are the benefits to group fitness classes!

You Get Proper instruction

-Correct technique is important in any workout for the prevention of injury and to maximize results. Group class instruction is great for those who may be intimidated to use particular equipment, by learning about proper technique in a group environment. In our classes our instructors often go over moves to make sure you are doing them properly during the workout.

You Get Motivation

-Exercising side by side with others brings out the ego in all of us. Being able to keep up with the class is great motivation for pushing personal boundaries and achieving goals. Especially when the instructor is saying “just 5 more!” You are able to push yourself a little more to finish out the set with the rest of the class!

Make New Friends

-Interaction with other class members who share common interests is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. You get to talk to a variety of people you wouldn’t normally meet unless you were taking those classes. You also will want to go back for each class just to talk with your new friends!

Consistency in Routine

-Scheduled classes are particularly good for those who like to work to a routine. They enable people with limited time to fit in a full body workout in a set timeframe.

Get a Full Body Workout

-In most of these classes you are working a variety of muscles groups throughout the class. You’re more likely to complete a well-rounded exercise routine and get a potentially tougher workout.

Push Yourself Further

-A class can help you move past a plateau, if you want to push yourself a little bit and improve.

It’s FUN!

-Working out in a group fitness class is fun and energetic. Most classes have energetic music that keeps you pumped up through out the class and pushes you through the workout!

So those are some great benefits to group fitness classes! Make sure you try and take a class soon to get these benefits!!


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