Extreme Workouts

In the spirit of doing group exercises I thought we could also take a look at some extreme workouts! At Westmoreland Athletic Club some of the trainers use unusual methods to push their clients to the next level. I’m going to show you a video we came up with to demonstrate some of the things that you never thought you could do! (the file is to big so I’m just going to give you the link.. sorry! i hate doing that but the video is just to long!)


So I’m going to assume you watched the video.. why wouldn’t you want to! 🙂 Anyways, there are some great benefits to this type of workout.

Change of Routine- Your getting something out of the ordinary, not every trainer is going to take you outside and tell you to throw some tires!

Working Different Muscles- This kind of workout will use muscles that you normally don’t use because you are doing different moves and exercises. Pushing tires and using a sledge hammer uses your shoulder and arms muscles differently than you normally do.

Full Body Workout- You get a full body workout with training like this, you aren’t just working one area of  your body or one type of muscles. Each thing that goes on in this video you are using everything.

Working Your Core- All of these exercises require you to use your core. You strengthen it so much which will help you with balance, strong abs and back pain.

Its Fun!– This kind of workout is fun, you never get bored with doing these types of exercises. Often when working out with or with out a trainer you sometimes do the same type of exercises and it tends to get boring after awhile right?

Its Challenging- This kind of workout is challenging! When I tried it I almost died (not really but it was hard hence the need for me to workout more 🙂 lol).  When you go to a fitness club you aren’t expecting this kind of workout to come your way!

You Feel Accomplished- After this kind of workout you know that you improved yourself. Sometimes you go for your run or you lifts some weights but with this your out there in the sun and dirt lifting and throwing heavy things. It makes you feel strong and powerful that you can throw a tire or use a sledge hammer.

So there you go! Something a little different that the norm. Hopefully we will be doing something along these lines at Galaxy in the future and I’ll put the video up for that as well!


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