6 Ways to be an Effective Exerciser

I sit at WAC all day and I wonder how some of these people are here day after day doing their workouts. Apparently I just don’t have the ‘i need to workout all the time’ gene, I wish I did, really I do. I admire the people who come in here all the time and do what they do! So I decided that I’m going to attempt to be like that and to help me I found an article in Fitness Magazine on ways to be an effective exerciser! Just what I needed! So here are 6 of those ways and hopefully I can follow them and be like the hardcore exercisers!! 🙂

1. Don’t Put Away Your Gear:

This ones a big one for me, I tend to toss it in a corner or in the laundry and not look at it for days on end. So if you keep your workout gear, like your shoes, yoga mat and barbells, in plain site when you get up in the morning or in random places around you house you are more likely to workout! This is because seeing these things are visual cues for your brain and gives you a wake-up call. I’ve decided I’m moving my things right by the door so I have to look at it every time I leave the house!

2. Turn Your Commute Into a Workout:

If you live close to your work and you are able to walk or jog to your job then you will increase your effectiveness as an exerciser. If you aren’t able to do that you can park your car further away in the parking lot that you normally would. That’s the same with whenever you go to the store or the mall; don’t park in the first few spots. Make yourself walk and get a little extra exercise! Working at a fitness club I have the perfect opportunity to workout but I don’t always do it but another coworker and I think that watching people work out we will get fit through osmosis. We are going to try that and see how it works 🙂

3. Invest in More Workout Clothes:

This is my favorite one, who doesn’t like to shop! If you have a good amount of workout clothes you are more likely to go to a fitness club because you have something to wear! I always have the issue of my workout clothes being in the wash or are dirty, if I just spent a little bit of money on some nice workout clothes I would go!

4. Log Your Workouts Online:

I just started logging my workouts and what I am eating online, it is a lot easier that doing it a notebook (which I have tried.) There are a ton of websites and apps that your can use to log your workouts in. Using these can help you set and keep up with your goals. Here are a few different websites that have these features!

DailyMile.com – This one is more for the athelete, you are able to track all of your distance for running, walking, swimming, anything really.

DailyBurn.com– This site has a lot on it, different programs you can do, exercise plans, nutrition plans. It also has an iphone app! (This is the one I use and its really nice! I haven’t tried the app yet but I will be soon!)

5. Make Friends with Class Regulars:

I discussed in Group Fitness that to succeed you should make friends so you will be more likely to attend the class more often to see those friends. Well that is number 5 here! If your making friends at Galaxy you are more likely to keep coming back if you are having fun and talking with people. I enjoy making new friends it makes me happy and if you ever see me in a class (especially yoga, sorry) I tend to chat, so come chat with me!

6. Create an Exercise Contest:

Create a contest with your friends! This could be anything, the most steps walked, highest percentage of body weight loss or most meters swam. This will bring competition to your workout and make you want to try harder! This one I have yet to start or try, maybe I’ll try to come up with some type of competition for in the future if I get a lot of positive response to the idea! So let me know!! 🙂

So those are some great ways to start becoming an effective exerciser!! Do any of you do these things? Let me know, comment or Facebook me! Or Facebook the Galaxy Page!


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