From One Extreme to the Other: Kickboxing

Yesterday was Yoga which is relaxing and clam, but today is going to be about kick boxing!! I don’t know about all of you but sometimes I just want to punch and kick things. Maybe I just have pent up anger or something but doesn’t it feels so good to just hit something? Okay moving on, so I’m going to talk about different kickboxing techniques you can do at home, benefits of kickboxing and a little bit about our Body Combat class here at the club.

Let’s start with what kickboxing is and some techniques you can easily do at home if you can’t get to our Body Combat class!

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide overall physical conditioning and toning. It doesn’t involve actual physical contact between other people it’s just a cardio workout that has many benefits to the body.

Kickboxing Moves

Here are some simple moves that you could do at home when you can’t come to the club! (these are from Fitness

The first thing you need to learn before you start a kickboxing routine or a Body Combat class is the Fighting Stance. You will be using this a lot during the whole workout.

Fighting Stance

  • Stand with feet staggered, knees slightly bent, rear heel lifted.
  • Bring fists to chin, elbows near ribs, palms facing each other.



This is a straight punch; if the right foot is in front, the right hand is jabbing.

Imaginary Target: Nose

  • Stand with right foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Rotate right hip forward, extending right arm.
  • Twist forearm so the fist is parallel to the floor at full extension, arm in line with shoulder.
  • Recoil immediately.

Quick Tip: Jabs are fast, surprise punches, so strike as quickly as possible with control.



A straight punch thrown from the rear hand, so if your right foot is in front, your left hand does a cross.

Imaginary Target: Nose

  • Stand with right foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Turn left foot, knee and hip to the right at the same time, followed by the left shoulder and left arm.
  • Twist your forearm so your fist is horizontal at full extension; don’t lock your elbow.
  • Recoil and return to fighting stance immediately.

Quick Tip: The force of the cross originates from the hips. By using your core, you’ll pack a more powerful punch.



Punch in a circular motion, thrown with the lead hand.

Imaginary Targets: Ear, Cheek

  • Stand with left foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Pivot on the ball of your left foot, turning left knee, hip, shoulder, and arm simultaneously as you punch from left to right.
  • Bring left forearm parallel to floor, thumb up; keep right fist by face.
  • Recoil immediately and return to fighting stance.

Quick Tip: To get the pivoting motion correct, think of putting out a cigarette under the ball of your foot.



Punch in an upward thrust with the fist pointing at the ceiling.

Imaginary Target: Chin

  • Stand with your left foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Drop your right hand slightly and bend both knees, then twist your hips to the left as you thrust your right fist straight up and slightly forward with knuckles facing the ceiling and palm facing body.
  • Keep your left fist by your face.
  • Recoil immediately and return to fighting stance.

Quick Tip: To generate more force, drive the punch from your legs up. Don’t punch up beyond the tip of your nose.


Front Kick

A jab with the heel of the foot; can be done with either leg.

Imaginary Targets: Knee, Groin, Chest

  • Stand with left foot forward and fists by face in fighting stance, then shift your weight to right foot.
  • Bring left knee up to the chest, foot flexed, heel close to the glutes (not shown).
  • Keep fists up and kick straight out from the hip as if you were punching with your heel; retract immediately and return to fighting stance.

Quick Tip: Picture slamming a door open with your foot.


Roundhouse Kick

A circular kick (your leg moves in an arc). Montagnani recommends doing it with the front leg because it puts less stress on the opposite knee.

Imaginary Targets: Knee, Obliques, Head

  • Stand with right foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Bend right knee, bringing heel toward glutes, and pivot on left foot, turning hips to left (not shown).
  • Strike from right to left in an arc with right foot, extending kick from knee, toes pointed.
  • Retract and return to fighting stance.

Quick Tip: Imagine slapping target with your shoelaces.


Side Kick

This kick is the strongest, because the force comes from the glutes. Keep your foot flexed as you kick out.

Imaginary Targets: Torso, Chest

  • Stand with your left foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Turn hips to the right, and pivot right toes out slightly.
  • Lift your left knee toward the chest, keeping your foot flexed (not shown).
  • Forcefully extend the left leg out to the left side, pushing through the heel while counterbalancing by leaning your entire upper body toward the right.
  • Keep hands in fists near face. Retract the kick and immediately return to fighting stance.

Quick Tip: Think of kicking through target with heel.


Those are some great easy moves you can do and even practice to get your form right before you go to Body Combat! Now here are some benefits of doing this kind of workout!

Benefits of a Kickboxing Type Workout or Class

Reduce Stress

You can kick and punch your stress away when you are taking your high-energy kickboxing routine. The moves and techniques you do in kickboxing challenge your core muscle groups and will give you a total body workout!

Boost Confidence Levels

Kickboxing helps you release endorphins that give your mood a boost and help you feel more confident. Endorphins will also make you feel happier and more positive for several hours after the workout.

Improved Coordination

If you’re suffering from posture problems and have poor coordination, you can strengthen your ‘core’ and improve your reflexes and coordination skills. The speedy punches and kicks in the kickboxing routine will give you a chance to focus your energy to execute each movement successfully.

Burn Mega Calories

Muscle and Fitness Magazine reports that fitness kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour, and you’ll be toning up your entire body as you increase your metabolism. It’s a high-power cardio routine that’s great for weight loss and getting you in shape!

Energy Boost

Kickboxing is a high-energy cardio routine that will give your body and mind a boost and will increase your energy levels. You’ll be breathing hard and sweating out toxins; this process will increase your energy levels.

Better Posture

Kickboxing workouts will challenge many muscle groups that you don’t enough throughout the day, and you’ll start to build up your core. Core muscles in and around your abdominal wall are targeted with kickboxing routines because you need to use your waist and abs for balance, and to execute each move.


Our Les Mills Body Combat class is a high energy cardio kickboxing type class that will get you into shape fast! Karen Ruth, a instructor here at Galaxy said that, “Body Combat is body changing.”

So next time you are trying to mix up your regular workout routine or just want to try something new try Body Combat! You won’t be disappointed!

Body Combat Classes:

  • Monday- 9am and 5:30pm
  • Tuesday- 9:30am
  • Wednesday- 6:45
  • Saturday- 9:30am

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