Top 5 Performance Energy Drinks

Tuesday I gave you our top 5 Regular Energy Drinks and now I’m going to give you our top Performance Energy Drinks. The difference between the Regular and Performance energy drinks are the way they can be used. The drinks we talked about on Tuesday are ones people can sit and sort of enjoy drinking and they will get a good amount of energy out of it for the rest or part of the day. The Performance Energy Drinks are ones that are going to give you an optimum amount of energy and you will be able to perform at a higher level. This is because your energy is so high you can go longer when you are working out of doing an activity! One thing with these Performance type drinks is that you need to read the labels before you drink one. Many give recommended amounts that you should drink because they are more extreme drinks. So Read the Labels!

Performance Energy Drinks


8oz bottle with 2 servings

Redline was created to give people who workout and body builders an extra boost of energy before the workout. This drink is also considered a fat burner because of some of the ingredients in Redline. This drink doesn’t taste the best but the energy you get from it is great! There are a number of varieties of flavors and product variations that will suit many people. They only sell Redline in GNC type stores or even here at Galaxy. We use Redline in a number of our City Blend smoothies and some of the trainers swear by it! Just remember to only drink the recommended amount!

Speed Stack

22oz bottle with 2 servings

Speed Stack made by ABB is a performance enhancing energy drink and should only be drunk if you are looking for an extra boost in your workout.  It comes in a few different flavors and will give you a big kick during your workout! Just like with the other energy drinks in this category, make sure your read the bottle to determine how much you should drink. It says to only drink half a bottle before you are going to be very active or going to workout a lot.

Endo Rush

16oz with 4 servings

Endo Rush is an intense performance enhancing energy drink that is for people looking for a big energy boost before they workout. The bottle has four servings in it so you don’t need a lot to get a good kick from it! It has a few different flavors to it and tastes better than most of the other intense energy drinks in this category!


8.4oz can with 2 servings

Spike energy drink has a ton of caffeine and other vitamins and chemicals in it that give you a huge boost of energy! This like all the others comes in a variety of flavors for you to try and tastes pretty good.  Spike has warnings on the labels just like the other drinks in this category and it says to only drink half of the bottle at first to let your body get used to it.

Xtreme Shock

12oz with 2 servings

Xtreme Shock energy drink is again for bodybuilders, athletes and those looking for a boost before they workout! It comes in a variety of flavors like all the others in this category and has a good amount of caffeine in it!  This energy drink is very strong so you have to make sure you read the label before drinking it to make sure you are drinking the correct amount.

All of these Performance Energy Drinks are very, very strong and should not be drunk like the Regular Energy Drinks. These were made for people looking for an extra boost before they workout, bodybuilders and athletes. If these drinks are used in the wrong way you could end up with different symptoms because of the amount of certain ingredients in it! It is always important to read the labels of the bottles before you drink it!!


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