Watch What You Eat at the Fair!

It’s almost August and I don’t know about you but I feel like there are a lot of fairs and carnivals in this month! I thought I would take a look at the foods you would find at fairs and which ones you can eat guilt free and ones that you might just want to eat a small portion of! We all know how delicious some of those foods are and you don’t want to completely rid yourself of them so its better to give yourself just a small taste instead of scarfing down the huge portion they give you!

As you walk through the fair grounds you pass all of the deep fried foods like, desserts, vegetables and meat. Anything you can possibly deep fry they will try it out! If you want to have something like that its fine really it is but, don’t order the extra large portion and eat it all! It’s all about portion control and making the right choices when you are going to the fair. Now me, I’d love to get a blooming onion or some cheese fries and eat them all but I know that the smart thing to do would be to get those and split them with a friend or two or three. That way I’m still getting what I am craving but only eating a small amount! Let’s take a look at some of the worst foods you could eat at the fair.

Funnel Cake:

This delicious deep fried dough is about 800 calories and that would take you over 2 hours on a treadmill or elliptical to burn off. All of that time just for a few minutes of deliciousness? I’m not sure if I could do that! Now you could always share this with a few friends instead and cut down on your intake of calories and make sure to skip all of those extra toppings they offer!

Any type of Deep Fried Candy Bar or Cookie:

I wonder why they deep fry some things. Candy bars and cookies? Really? I feel like they are already delicious and sometimes feel guilty eating them on their own! Covering these treats in batter and deep frying them will add between 200 and 300 calories! So most of these treats are around 420 calories!

Turkey Leg:

Now I know what your thinking, “But I thought turkey was okay to eat and was healthy!” and it is.. unless it is a giant turkey leg with the skin still on deep fried until a golden brown! One of these legs are 1,000 calories! Not so healthy anymore right?

Bratwurst Sandwich:

Some of you may choose this German sandwich to try at the fair. Sometimes instead of grilling this they may actually deep fry this. Just remember that this bratwurst has 800 calories in it!

Now onto some foods that you could feel a little less guilty about eating when you go to the fair!

Grilled Chicken:

This is obviously a more healthy option compared to getting a fried chicken sandwich.  This also counts for any type of grilled sandwich instead of it fried.

Grilled Corn on the Cob:

A lot of fairs are starting to offer this to people and it is a great option! Grilling corn really brings out the flavors and I think tastes better than boiling corn on the cob!

Desserts with Fresh Fruit:

You often will see vendors offering fresh strawberries with whipped cream as an option and this one is a lot better than any other deep fried dessert you might choose! Just make sure the vendor doesn’t load on the whipped cream!

Frozen Yogurt:

If your looking for something cold frozen yogurt is the way to go instead of getting soft serve or any other kind of ice cream of custard.

The main thing to keep in mind when going to a fair is portion control! You can have what you want just don’t go over board and eat a ton of it! Also instead of drinking all of that calorie enriched pop which is just empty calories anyways stick with water. It is more refreshing and will hydrate you better than any other beverage will!


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