Looking for Outdoor Activities?

Living in this area we have a lot of natural resources to look to to enjoy the outdoors at! I’m going to list a few places that have great activities to enjoy with the whole family! Normally I would give you this type of post on a Friday but I figured people like to plan out their weekends in advance and not at the last minute like I do!

Moraine State Park

Pirate Game (I know this isn’t exactly using natural resources we have but we have to support our city’s teams!)

I know, I know they are pretty much the worst team in the MLB right now (actually for the last 17 years) but still it’s fun to go to a game! There’s a game on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this weekend! Saturday is even fireworks night with a concert!! So fun! Sunday is Kid’s Day where they have a bunch of activities for kids outside of the park before the game. I’m actually going on Saturday! (If your thinking of going get tickets on stub hub, they are all sold out through the Pirates website for Saturday!) The best part of the game is the perogi race and the hot dog toss of course. Just remember not to eat to much of that ball park or tailgate food!


I haven’t been here in ages! But from what I remember it’s really fun to go here! They have a lot of activities to do like white water rafting, bike riding, swimming, hiking and kayaking! If your looking for a place to just relax and have a nice picnic with the family and do a little swimming go to Ohiopyle for the day! There are a bunch of cute little restaurants around too or you can bring your own food and settle down in the grass along the river!

Golden Trail Bike Rental

I’ve never biked in Pittsburgh before but I will soon! (My friend and I are starting an Explore Pittsburgh Activities Saturdays thing.. I’ll give everyone more info as we plan it more!) But this place has three different locations to get bikes; South Side, Station Square and Downtown. On their website they give you pricing ($8-$40 depending on type of bike and how long you want to bike for), different trails that take you all around the city, pictures of the trails and lots of information! I can’t wait to do this!!

Youghiogheny River Trail

My family and I used to bike here when I was younger a lot and it’s a great place to go! The website will give you places that you can start at and I know at the West Newton access point there is a place to rent bikes for pretty cheap! It’s a beautiful trail set along the river and there are stop points all along the trail where you can have a picnic or take a break! The website has a lot of great information on it so be sure to check it out!

Moraine State Park

I love Moraine State Park, I went to Slippery Rock for four years and this is a great place to go! I never knew this place even existed until I went and let me tell you it is gorgeous!! Lake Arthur is a huge lake that you can go swimming, boating, kayaking and fishing in! There are a ton of biking and walking trails to try out and its very family friendly! You are able to rent bikes, boats, kayaks and even cabins here and there are so many things to do that you will be busy for hours! This weekend they are having the annual Lake Arthur Regatta. When I was researching places to do fun outdoor activities I stumbled across the event and thought well I know what I’m going on Sunday! I will sit on the shore watching the boats from afar and not step foot on a floating vessel. I have a fear of being in small boats that are close to the water, the thought of falling in the deep water and getting eaten alive by creatures terrifies me! But theres plenty for me to do other than that! Definitely a place to go to for some outdoor fun!

There are some great places in our area to go to! I know some are a little bit further than I would like they would be great day trips for the whole family! What are some of your favorite places to go to for some outdoor fun?


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