Top 6 Fitness Apps!

Smart phones are huge right now and I just bought my first iphone yesterday so I figured I would list some of the best fitness and nutrition apps out there! I tried to pick good ones that are free but there are a couple that paid apps. Here are my top 6 fitness apps!

Lose It!

Cost: Free

I love this app! I’ve talked about an app similar to this one before in 6 Ways to Become an Effective Exerciser. This app lets you track your calories and exercises. You are able to sync it with your Lose membership (free) and keep track of the friends you make on the site! You start off by signing up through the app and putting in your weight, height, birthday, gender, goal weight and how many pounds you want to lose per week. Lose It then calculates how many calories you should be eating per day to be able to meet your goals and gives you a timeline of when you will lose the weight! Each day you log your food by either adding a new food, picking something that you have previously added or picking food that they have listed under brand name foods. You then add in the exercises you have done through out the day. They have a number of exercises listed and you put in the time you have done it and it will calculate how many calories were burned! This app is great and is definitely my favorite one!

Screen shot of Lose It! app.

Body Fate

Cost: $2.99

I was shown this app by @Ceeduze on Twitter and I had no idea what it was. I bought it any ways and I found that it’s a really great app! With this app you are given a series of athletic challenges for you to complete and as you do that you get more challenges. To begin you set up if you are a beginner or not, how long you want to workout for and what type of equipment is available to you. They app then chooses exercises for you based on that and times you during the workout. If you do not how to do the exercise that is given you can click on the upper right corner where they tell you how to do it. After you complete one challenge you keep going for as long as you chose to work out. There are other things with this app like quizzes that reward you with rest periods, different games that help you choose exercises and different trainers to choose from. It’s a really great app if you looking for a fun challenging way to workout by yourself!

Body Fate App Screen Shot


Cost: $.99

This app has a ton of exercises on it that you can do! GymABC is filled with different exercise plans and workouts that you can choose from and has a lot of useful information included. They also give you a fitness and muscle tip of the day!

GymABC Screen Shot

Wellness Tip of the Day

Cost: Free

This app is great to get quick health tips! There are four different kinds of tips, Food, Mind, Body and Misc tips to choose from and they are in little bubbles that you double click. You can have these bubbles just float on the screen when your in the app or you can put them in calendar form. This app has some really great tips to read and I am definitely going to use these more often!

Wellness Tip of the Day Screen Shot

Diet Tips

Cost: Free

This app just gives you quick diet tips and you can keep tapping the screen to get more tips. It’s simple and to the point. Nice if your looking for something quick to read!

Diet Tips Screen Shot

Shop to Lose

Cost: Free

This one is kind of similar to Lose It! But it also lets you build shopping lists and choose different kinds of foods you want to buy and which ones would be best to help you reach your goals. Shop to Lose lets you personalize your health profile by choosing things you would like to target, including, weight control, healthy eating and cholesterol control.  You are also able to track your progress on this app to see if you are meeting your goals!

Shop to Lose Screen Shot

So there are my top 6 fitness apps that will help you reach your goals! Does anyone have any other favorite fitness apps that they like to use?


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