Secrets to Keep Coming Back to Workout

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! But now it’s time to work! After a long weekend everyone knows that it’s hard to get back into the swing of things so I’m going to give you some fitness secrets from our trainers and also from an article I found on MSN!

For Better Abs

This is how some trainers achieve the firm midsection you’ve always wanted. When doing crunches, exhale during the contraction, your lips pursed, as if you’re blowing through a small straw. You will feel your stomach muscles contract more intensely, and it will help you stay more focused.

Set It and Forget It

Have you ever noticed when you’re running or on the elliptical and you’re watching the clock that the time goes so slow! Instead, try a countdown and set a timer away from the treadmill. When you can’t see the time, you’re more likely to concentrate on what you’re doing right now; your form, how strong you feel; instead of how long it is until you can stop. Plus, you’ll avoid the urge to let up on the intensity when you have only a minute or two left.

Drink Cold Water

Ice cold H²O could help you maximize your exercise. Cyclists were able to work out 23 percent longer when they drank cold water than when the beverage was at body temperature, a study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found. Keep-it-cool by using a refillable aluminum bottle.

Working Your Glutes and Inner Thighs

During crunches and other ab moves, while holding an 8- to 12-inch ball between your knees or ankles gets your inner thighs and glutes in on the action.

Plan Out Your Workouts

Planning strength workouts ahead can get you out of the gym in record time. You can make your cheat sheet basic or more structured—whatever works best to keep you focused.

Groove and Get Fit

Music is a great distraction; these iPod ideas turn it into a magic motivational tool, too: Make your music meaningful pick songs with lyrics that support the goals in your life. Add a goal song by putting your favorite song or a new tune at the end of your playlist it will act like a special treat to keep you exercising until you hear it!

Increasing Workouts

Increasing the amount of weight you use when you are lifting will help you burn more calories and build muscle mass. Using the same weight day after day won’t help you in the long run. Increasing the amount of time you spend on the treadmill will help you improve your endurance!

Switching Workouts Up

Change up your workout and add some variety to it. This will help you use different muscles instead of sticking to the same routine and working only certain areas. This will also help you keep interest and not get bored.

Consistency Coming to the Gym

Don’t give yourself an excuse to not go and workout. If you keep a consistent schedule and go to the gym regularly. You are already improving your body and health.

Having a Goal & Taking the Steps to Reaching Your Goal

Set a goal that you want to accomplish. If you don’t have a goal then why are you going in the first place. It can be anything from losing those few extra pounds, improving your health, or even building yourself up to a local race!

Those are some great things to keep in mind when trying to keep up with your busy schedules and getting back into the club?


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