Benefits and Myths About Cardio

This week I’m going to go over the benefits and myths of various types of exercises! We are going to start off with cardio!

Top 8 Benefits of Doing Cardio

1. Helps you build a stronger heart

2. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

3. Helps you to sleep better at night

4. Gives you more energy by providing more oxygen in the body

5. Reduces the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer

6. Aids in weight loss

7. Increases lung capacity

8. Increases bone density through high impact forms of cardio (walking, running)

4 Myths About Cardio


The more you sweat the more calories you burn.


Sweating is a great way to rid your body os sodium, but it is not much of an indicator as far as fat burning is concerned. The best way to make sure you are getting the most of your workout is to pay attention to your heart rate. Most cardio machines will provide a heart rate range to help you find the correct heart rate for your age.


Low intensity cardio will burn more calories than high intensity.


Try to pay more attention to the time you are spending on cardio rather than the intensity. f you are getting your heart rate into the correct zone, you will be able to burn calories. If you are at a lower intensity, you may have to walk or bike a bit longer to achieve the same number of calories burned.


Doing cardio is the only way tot lose weight.


While cardio does help you lose weight, it is not the only way. You can effectively lose weight by strength training. Both cardio and weight training will help you to burn calories, so it is best to do a combination of the two.


If i do a lot of cardio I can eat whatever I want.


Exercising will help you to burn off unwanted calories, but you still want to adhere to a healthy eating plan. If you take in extra calories and then exercise to burn them off, you would just be spinning your wheels.


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