Benefits and Myths About Strength Training

Day 2 of our Benefits and Myths week that I’m doing! Today is going to be all about strength training!

Top Benefits of Strength Training

1. Strengthens your muscles raising your basal metabolism. which allows you to burn calories 24 hours a day even at rest.

2. Energizes you and boosts endorphins.

3. Strengthens your bones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Decreases your blood pressure.

5. Lowers your resting heart rate which is a sign of a healthy heart.

6. Increases your good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases the bad (LDL).

7. Improves your posture.

8. Reduces the risk of diabetes by improving the way insulin is used in the body.

Myths About Strength Training


“Strength training creates big, bulky muscles.”


It takes years of intense strength training to build huge muscles. Performing strength training exercises at a lower weight, but higher repetitions will result in smaller, leaner muscles.


“Doing abdominal exercises will eliminate unwanted fat from your waistline.”


There is not a way to spot-reduce fat in certain areas of the body. Doing ab exercises will not make belly fat disappear. Too much abdominal work may actually cause the waistline to expand.


“If I’m not sore, I didn’t workout hard enough.”


Soreness is not an accurate indication of how hard you worked. It is possible to work hard and feel fine the next day. As long as you continue to push yourself farther at each workout, you will be able to meet your goals in a reasonable time frame.


“I’m too old to start strength training.”


It is never too late to begin a strength training program. At any point in life you will be able to gain strength that will improve mobility, posture, bone density and reduce your risk of injury.


2 thoughts on “Benefits and Myths About Strength Training

  1. If situps, crunchs, planks and the like won’t decrease belly fat, what can I do to obtain a flatter belly and a thinner waistline???

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