Give the Gift of Fitness!

If you are looking for some last minute gifts for someone who loves fitness and exercising here are some great options that would work!

The Best Gift of Fitness for the Whole Family: Nintendo Wii.

While Microsoft and Sony have come out with movement-based videogame interfaces for their gaming systems, the original is still the best in regards to sheer volume of games available. Games for the Wii can range from family-fun, to kids fitness, to seriously hard-core workouts and fitness tracking. This is a great gift for the family, and really is a gift that will keep on giving as you spend time together challenging each other throughout the year. (About $199.)

Another Great Idea for the Family: Xbox Kinect

This is a relatively new gaming system addition that allows you to move your body in the games without any remotes. Play fitness games that include yoga, boxing, zumba and full workouts like The Biggest Loser game!

The Best Full-Body Workout for the Small Space Dweller: TRX Suspension Trainer.

This thing is genius! Invented by a Navy Seal and made of high-quality, military-grade materials (beware imitations), you can use this deceptively-simple strap to get a full-body, functional workout. The best part of a “functional fitness” workout is that you load through more than one muscle at a time, working more of your body and building important aspects like core strength and balance. Whether you are buying a gift for a serious athlete (Drew Brees uses TRX) or someone who just wants to look like one, TRX is the way to go. Bonus, the TRX folks are always coming out with new workouts and challenges, so this is a gift that won’t get stale. (Packages start at about $180.) TRX is also a lot of fun and you will definitely feel the workout when you are finished!

The Best Fitness Gift for the Gym-o-phobe: P90x or TurboFire.

These fully-loaded packages include nutrition plans, workout guides, and more than 10 different workouts in each program. It’s like having a line-up of gym-quality classes and a nutrition consultant at your fingertips without having to face the crowds at the gym. P90X is great for the weightroom junkie, and TurboFire is great for the cardio-and-lift-class queen. These might look spendy at $110ish for the program, but for the number of workouts you get (plus the eating programs, etc.) I guarantee the recipient of this gift will get a year’s worth of fitness vs a $20 video that only provides one workout. These are intense fitness programs and not the best for beginners or someone who has not worked out in awhile.

The Best Fitness Gift for a Busy Mom: Time!

That’s right, folks, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a busy mom, the best one is often free. Whether it’s agreeing to take over dinner duties so mom can fit in a run, or setting up a kid-share with your best pal so that you can both get your workouts in, get creative with your computer and printer and make a busy mom’s holiday with a package of gift certificates that give her some time for herself.

The Best Gift for a Multi-Sport Outdoor Enthusiast: Garmin Forerunner

With models starting at $130, the Garmin Forerunner line is the best “wrist-top” computer for monitoring outdoor activities like hiking, running and biking (they even make one that can go with you on a swim, as well.)  It’ll track and record your heartrate, distance, pace, time—it will even save nifty satellite maps of all the places you’ve gone on your fitness adventures. It will be better than driving around trying to figure out how many miles your route is (I’ve done that, doesn’t work that well!)


Personal Training Sessions:

Keep in mind that not everyone would be thrilled to get personal training sessions. So you shouldn’t get someone sessions just because you want them to exercise or be healthy. However, this can be a great gift if your loved one has expressed interest in training but is reluctant to spend the money or intimidated to try it.

Gym Membership

Like other fitness gifts, a gym membership isn’t for everyone.  Giving someone a gym membership because you want them to workout may cause instant relationship problems (perhaps, even violence).  However, if they’ve been talking about joining a gym, you’re in the clear.  Before you commit to anything, find out exactly what they’re looking for – Location, amenities, classes, etc. You can also purchase a gift certificate for a athletic club for 3 months so they are able to try it out! (hint hint!)


The Best Gift for a Yoga Enthusiast: Everything Fits Gym Bag

This gym bag can fit everything someone would need for a yoga class. An amazing catch-all made from recycled materials. Its roomy interior features a zippered pocket, an elastic pocket and a key tether. A vented outside compartment can hold shoes, wet clothes or towel. Includes an easy-reach outside pocket for water bottle, inside and outside holsters for cell phone and MP3 player, and bottom adjustable straps for your yoga mat. It’s also really cute so I’m sure anyone would love it!


All of these gifts would be great for any fitness guru. I also know that if you order most of these on Amazon in the next day then they will be here in time for Christmas!!



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