Planning the Perfect Super Bowl Party

Many of you probably have plans already for Sunday but if you don’t or you need some help in planning the perfect Steeler Super Bowl Party, here are some tips!
Super Bowl Sunday means more parties than any other day of the year, surpassing even New Year’s Eve according to some reports. The Super Bowl also coincides with the end of many people’s New Year’s resolutions – many game viewers consume as many calories on Super Bowl Sunday as they do on Thanksgiving. Nervous snacking certainly doesn’t help! Plan the perfect Steelers Super Bowl party with these suggestions for Pittsburgh-themed food, songs, decor and fun.
1. Decorations
Steelers merchandise is available everywhere, from Roethlisberger jerseys to Bettis beanbag chairs. Decorate your home and your guests for the big day from this collection of fun Steelers items, or head to Mike Feinberg Co. in the Strip or any of the five Pittsburgh area Fun Party Stores for a large collection of Steelers merchandise and party supplies.
2. Steeler Songs
There are quite a few popular homegrown Steelers anthems to choose from, including Roger Wood’s tail-gate classic “Here We Go,” plus Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” anthem, “Holler Back” by The Lost Trailers (Steelers version, of course!), and the song that pumps up the Steel Curtain defense at every game – “Renegade” by Styx.
3. Beer
Cold, of course, and a lot of it. For a Steelers party, Iron City is the standard for traditionalists. Or Rolling Rock or Yuengling if you prefer. Gourmet parties call for “growler” drafts of dark and golden beers from one of our local craft breweries, such as East End Brewing, or my favorite North Country Brewery in Slippery Rock . For guests who don’t like beer, plan to have plenty of pop and wine coolers on hand, or try some of these greatSuper Bowl cocktails. Please remember – don’t drink and drive!!
4. Location
Cowboys Stadium in Dallas is obviously the ultimate place to see the Steelers play in Super Bowl XLV, but Pittsburgh is a great second choice. Pittsburgh Sports Bars will be packed with black and gold fans, and they’re all planning something special for Super Bowl Sunday. For those of you who can’t get to the ‘Burgh, these Steelers friendly bars are great places to cheer with your fellow yinzers. Or, just start knocking on doors in Pittsburgh – it won’t take long to find a Steelers Super Bowl party!
5. A Terrible Towel
It’s just a bright yellow towel with the words “Terrible Towel” emblazoned in black, but every self-respecting Steelers fan has one. Be sure to have a few extra on hand for any fans who neglect to bring their own.
6. Pittsburgh Food
The perfect Steelers football party means food, and a lot of it. You are going need plenty of appetizers, such asnachos and wings – things that are easy for fans to nibble on while their eyes are glued to the TV. Half-time means buffet time, but stick with a simple menu. Don’t forget the cold beer or cocktails! Second-half means even more snacks and appetizers, plus plenty of yummy desserts. And to make it extra special, try some of the following suggestions for Pittsburgh-themed food.What first comes to mind when planning a Steelers party? For most die-hard Pittsburghers its kielbasa and kraut, pierogies with butter and onions, and Isaly’s chipped ham barbeque. They’re easy to prepare and serve, with little to clean up, and they keep the meat and potato lovers happy. Haluski, a dish of homemade dumpling noodles and sweet cabbage, and Buffalo Chicken Wings are also really popular.

Pittsburgh icon H.J. Heinz has created a number of great football party recipes, including Chicken Kick-Off Kabobs, Gridiron Potato Dip, MVP Cheeseburger Macaroni and Sack ‘Em Salsa & Chips. Don’t forget the Heinz ketchup and mustard, of course!

When it comes to the potato chips, a football party must, Pittsburgh-area chip maker Snyder of Berlin offers plenty to choose from. Troyer Farms, based in Westmoreland County, is another great choice. Consider having some baked potato chips, pretzels or popcorn on hand to add a bit of ‘health’ to your super celebration.

Dips and salsas are an excellent way to add the Steelers colors to your football party. Mango Black Bean Salsa with black beans and gold mangoes is yummy served with tortilla chips. Or can serve black bean or other dark-colored tortilla chip with a gold-colored dip, such as Buffalo Chicken Dip or Chili Cheese Dip. For a healthy treat, try a Fat Free Black Bean Dip served with yellow and orange peppers for dipping.

If you prefer to go the takeout route, sandwiches from Primantis and wings from Quaker Steak & Lube are an excellent choice. Pick up your pierogies from Pierogies Plus in McKees Rocks, or get them from Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in the Strip. Area grocery stores always do a good job of preparing Steelers-themed appetizer platters.

There are a lot of great and tasty recipes to also choose from and tomorrow I will have a big list with links to some great ideas!

So there you go everything you are going to need to the perfect Steeler Super Bowl Party!!


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