The 100 Workout

Recently I’ve been looking up different kinds of workouts to do when I don’t have a session with my trainer or I’m not taking a class! I found this workout in a few different places and I finally tried it out over the weekend. Now it looks kinda intimidating but I promise it isn’t as bad as it seems! Also when you do this workout you just go at your own pace and take breaks when you need to! If you get through the workout and you feel like you need more you can go through the workout again or add more to it as you see fit.

The 100 Workout

100 Jumping Jacks

90 Crunches

80 Squats

70 Leg Lifts

60 Jumping Jacks

50 Crunches

40 Squats

30 Leg Lifts

20 Jumping Jacks

10 Minute Run

The Jumping Jacks:

When I went through the workout I just did regular jumping jacks in increments of 10. It was easier to keep track that way, for me at least!

The Crunches:

I easily get bored with just regular crunches so I try to mix it up with different kinds. I did 20 each of knee to opposite elbow crunches, open banana crunches, right side crunches, left side crunches and 10 regular crunches. But you can do any kind of crunches you want!

The Squats:

For the squats I again just did regular squats, making sure to keep your knees from going over your toes and keeping your chest and eyes forward!

The Leg Lifts:

These are also commonly called leg throws. You can do these with a partner holding their feet while you are on your back and having your partner push your legs down so you can bring them back up. I did these alone just holding onto the legs of a chair! To make this a little harder don’t let your feet touch the ground!

I ended up adding 100 pushups before the run when I went through the workout. I did 25 stick push ups, 25 regular push ups, 25 lizard push ups and 25 frog pushups. You of course don’t need to add anything if you don’t want to!

This is a great quick workout! Give it a try and let me know how you like it!


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