Workout Nutrition Confuses Me, Anyone Else?

Sometimes nutrition and working out can be confusing. When should I eat before I work out, should I even eat before working out? What should I eat? What about after working out, should I eat? Can I eat anything?

Let’s answer a couple of these questions.

YES, you need to eat before working out! If your blood sugar is to low you will end up dizzy and sick. (trust me I’ve gotten sick before from not eating enough!)

YES, you need to eat after you workout as well! You lose almost 50% of what you just did working out by not eating before 30 minutes after you workout! (You lose this mostly with cardio, strength training you have about a 2 hour window, but it is still best to eat within 30 minutes!)

Now I found this fancy little infographic on nutrition and working out and what to eat before and after your workout! It is a perfect reference so keep it handy!! This info graphic will break it down between strength training (on the left) and cardio (on the right.) So if you day consists on mostly cardio take some ideas from the cardio side and the same if you’re workout consists of strength training!

There you go! Hopefully that will help you understand pre and post workout nutrition a little bit better! Remember time is critical and it is very important to eat before and after! You can work out all you want but if you don’t eat enough you can make yourself sick and will not rebuild the muscles you just worked out!

(Also get ready for some more of these infographics, I’m a tad obsessed with them and they are pretty!)


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